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My Story and what led me to where I am…

Sandy Smith Our Story.jpeg

Hi, I'm Sandy!

I wanted to share a little of my background. I received my Associates degree in computer programming only to discover that I did not want to end up in a cubicle full-time for the rest of my life. I started thinking about life goals and my focus began to change. Because of my love for my Almighty Creator along with my love for people and my ministry work, I started performing a variety of other services part-time to support my full-time ministries. Along the way, I discovered the thrill of teaching bible truths! I wanted to sharpen my skills. This led me to learning Spanish and then Portuguese. I lived an amazing life in Nicaragua for 3 years, traveling all throughout Central America and over time to Europe, Africa, and other places discovering the MARVEL of life, culture, people, creation AND YES, FOOD!

You may be asking, “WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH SHARPENING?”.  LOL, I’m getting to that part… (My friends & family will tell you that I can be a bit long winded especially when talking about passionate subjects) … When I was small, I always wanted to be an artist! Sadly, that didn’t happen but along the journey, I discovered that we all have an ART!  I’ve chosen to dedicate my life to improving my passionate ART of teaching & ART of cooking (in hopes of cooking as good as my sister-in-law @_busymommeals on instagram); both of which all you really need is HUNGER TO LEARN and a nice SHARP TWO EDGE SWORD or KNIFE!

What is YOUR ART? Cooking? Sewing? Gardening? Hair Styling? Pet Grooming? WELL, GUESS WHAT? We all have something in common! WE ALL NEED TO SHARPEN OUR KNOWLEDGE! SHARPEN OUR SKILL! IMPROVE OUR ART! AND KEEP OUR TOOLS SHARP!


Let SharpXperts share in you improving your art &
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