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Do you need something sharpened that's not on the list? Include it in the order submission and we will let you know if we can or can not provide our services for your item not on the list. However, we have a wide variety of machines and abrasives and the same basic principles are followed to sharpen most blades / edges.

  • Determine the type of metal the item is made of

  • Determine the proper coarseness for our abrasive or stone

  • The correct angle for the blade edge.

  • The type of lubricant or compound to use

  • Sharpen to get a burr on both sides to form an apex.

  • Remove the burr with a method of buffing or stropping/honing.

   "If an iron tool is dull and one does not sharpen its edge, he will need to exert much effort..." - Ecclesiastes 10:10

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